Evertex Industries Private Limited (Evertex) is one of the leading manufacturers of Insulation Packings and Sealants in India, marketed under the brand name INDIAN.

With over 20 years of experience and dedicated commitment to quality, product range and service, Evertex has established itself globally as a reliable source for Insulation Packings & Sealants.

With a dynamic and professional management, Evertex is poised to evolve fast into an major international supplier of Insulation Packings throughout the globe.

Our broad Product range includes:

Asbestos Textiles (Metallic / Non-Metallic)

o Asbestos Yarn
o Asbestos Cloth
o Asbestos Braided Ropes (Round / Square)
o Asbestos Webbing Tapes
o Asbestos Lagging Ropes
o Rubberised Asbestos Webbing Tapes

Glass Fibre Textiles

o Glass Fibre Yarn
o Glass Fibre Cloth
o Glass Fibre Braided Ropes (Round / Square)
o Glass Fibre Webbing Tapes

Ceramic Textiles(Metallic / Non-Metallic)

o Ceramic Yarn
o Ceramic Cloth
o Ceramic Braided Ropes (Round / Square)
o Ceramic Webbing Tapes
o Ceramic Lagging Ropes

Graphited Gland Packings

o Asbestos Gland Packings
o Ceramic Gland Packings
o Cotton Gland Packings
Apart from standard Gland Packings, these Gland Packings are also available reinforced with
* SS Wire
* Lead Wire
* Inconel Wire
* Copper Wire

PTFE Imprignated Asbestos Packings

Non-Asbestos Insulation Packings

o Pure PTFE / Teflon Packings
o Pure Carbon Packings
o Pure PTFE-Carbon Interwoven Packings (Panther Packings)

Kevlar Packings

Brake Liners

Combination Products / Specialty Products

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